Friday, July 21, 2017

Back to School with a BANG

I know everyone else is gearing up for the great Back to School Season! A season full of emotions, prep, planning, and reuniting with your teacher besties! I have a few B2S tips, new products, and life updates to share. 

Life Updates: 

So, I've been a little MIA in the blog world since my tough school year last year. (I know we all have them, but whew! What a year!) I am excited to get back to the grind with a new group and a new addition to my own family. I'm PREGNANT! My husband and I are expecting our sweet #3 this fall. We have two little girls who are super excited to soon have a baby brother, or as Addie Belle calls him, "Baby Buduh." I have enjoyed having some downtime this summer to spend extra time with my girls before the new transition to family of 5. However, I am nervous about being so far along at back to school time. I have always been pregnant later in the school year, so this prep is a new challenge for me. If you have been 2nd or 3rd trimester at B2S time, I would love some tips! 
24 Weeks with Baby Boy!

I also have been featured in the Back to School July edition of Kindergarten Crate! My Kissing Hand handprint poem activity was in every July crate ordered, and I feel very blessed Paula included me! The rest of my Kissing Hand activities can be found as part of my Back to School Book Activities on TpT.
Photo Credit: Diana White, via Kindergarten Crate Facebook Page 

Teacher Tip: 

My biggest tip for the new year has been to CURB TEACHER SPENDING! Yes, I said it. We are guilty as charged for our Target, Dollar Tree, and Amazon indulgences, but I have really tried to curb my spending and have a no impulse teacher buys frame of mind this year. Instead, I have been making must have lists, researching prices, and watching the sales. I know there are a lot of things that we have to replenish each year, but I'm proud to say I've been doing better!  (Maybe it is the thought of maternity medical bills and pay cut due to maternity leave that has had me even more fiscally minded!)  Last year I had already spent $400 before Meet the Teacher Night, and with a large class of 27 I was spending double and triple for each project, because packs of 10, 12, even 24, was not enough! One thing I have found is that on Amazon, I look at all buying options and sometimes can get supplies several dollars cheaper with free shipping, just not prime 2 day convenient. Even from reliable sellers like Office Depot. Check it out, and if you have time to wait the extra few days, do it! (Also, imagine not running to town for it, eating out, and buying extras in store on impulse!) 

New Products: 

I have also been working on creating some great classroom themed products for my Oh So Elementary TPT store! I'd love for you to check them out. I have priced them appropriately to help with your B2S wallets, and I hope they prove to be an asset to your classrooms. My large classroom calendar will be soon posted along with different themes! You can also get the newsletters in a double set of specific themes if you would rather not buy the bundle. Check my Back to School category! 

Before you leave, I'd like to pray with you for your school year. 
Lord, please be with the teachers who may be reading this post today. Give them the strength and wisdom to prepare their classrooms for precious children. Help them shine Your light and love into their students' world, modeling grace and mercy as You have graciously bestowed to us. Prepare us Lord for the battlefield of teaching that we may be strong against any attempts Satan might throw at us to steal our joy or take away from our teaching ministry. Let Your Holy Spirit guide us in all we do and say! In Your name, Amen!