Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy FALL y'all! [Books, Activites, and APPLESAUCE!]

We are finally in the sweet spot of FALL, and I am loving it! 

The beginning of kinder is always tough, but to be very honest, this has been the roughest start I have ever experienced with a group. It has been more difficult navigating my large class and all of its needs and personalities. BUT! I am so happy that I can finally say we are in that good place where we can accomplish big things and have formed a great bond already. I am excited to share what we have been up to and how some of my OSE products have made it even more special.

We have had a blast with apples, leaves, pumpkins and all things Fall! I have used my Fall Math, Literacy, & MORE pack and Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice together since September, and I've loved watching my kinders engage with my learning activities. I cannot tell you what a rewarding moment it has been seeing them enjoy and grow with my OSE materials! All the hard work was so worth it and more! Here are a few pictures of these two products in action. (Look for my sister's First Grade bunch's writing and art also!)


Pumpkin Puzzles: matching number to number word

Kindergarten Pumpkin Poetry
Hall Display of Pumpkin Poetry and Activities (Circumference and Adjectives) 

Kindergarten Fall Fun Writing (Picture jumping in leaves) Crayon Resist Leaves

So proud of my sweet niece! I love teaching her! 
My twin sister's first grade group used my How to Carve a Pumpkin activities

They turned out great! Go First Grade! 
The Fall season in kindergarten is never complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch and some crock pot applesauce! We were hot and sweaty with a 90 degree trip to the pumpkin patch (yes, that's Texas late October for ya), but we had a beautiful mid 70s day today for crock pot applesauce! If you are wondering, here is the recipe I used: 

5 lbs red apples
Two splashes vanilla
Several sprinkles of cinnamon (5 year old style) 
Cup of water
I also squeezed the juice of one lemon to toss the  peeled and sliced apples in the night before. They did not turn too brown and were nice and pretty to use the next morning! 
After my kinders helped me get it all ready to go, we cooked the apples on HIGH for 4 hours. I barely had to mash them because they were so tender a simple stir did the trick to smooth out the lumps. 

Y'all my classroom smelled HEAVENLY all day long! You could even smell it from the hallway.

In case you are looking for some amazing read alouds to compliment your fall activities, these are a few of the ones I use with my class that are always great. If you haven't heard of Little Boo, you are seriously missing out! Go order it today! It is a great pumpkin life cycle book about a little pumpkin seed who wants to scare but has to keep growing until he is picked and becomes a jack-o-lantern! 

Image result for Apples A to Z Image result for Apple Farmer Annie  
 Image result for how big could your pumpkin grow Image result for little boo

I cannot lie, I am super excited that our 90 degree Fall is now looking like 70s, and I can start pulling out my cardigans, scarves, and boots! It is medicine to my soul!

Thank you all for following and taking a peek at these activities, I'd love to hear about any interesting Fall activities you and your kiddos enjoy so leave me a comment below! 

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