Friday, July 1, 2016

What's in your TpT cart?

The summer is like one giant planning period, and I have been super busy trying to get new products on TpT while snagging some great deals of my own! I think teacher created resources are not only more eye appealing and engaging, but also tried and true. You can bet if a teacher made it and is using it, the quality is there and your students are going to benefit!

So what's been in my cart?
Tara West! She has been on a marketing streak with her Summer Steals, Bundles, BOGOs, and more. I have been very fortunate to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE on new curriculum to vamp up my kindergarten instruction. She is the creator/owner of Little Minds at Work, and her products are AMAZING. I am very excited to utilize them this year! 

Guided Reading Easy Readers BUNDLED {print, cut, staple} Kindergarten Themed Literacy and Math Centers for the Year 
KinderPhonics® Curriculum Units 1-3 BUNDLED KinderGrammar Curriculum
Each of these Tara West products have been on super sale. I started grabbing these in April/May and June has been evermore on sale! These products combined total $224.00. That price is well deserved for the amount of work and energy put into them. However, with her generous sales and deals, I snagged this lot for ONLY $77.00! How incredible is that! I know that may seem like a lot out of  out of pocket expense for your classrooms, but I am kinda addicted to her stuff!  I also purchased this  Close Reads bundle earlier in the 2015-2016 school year and have enjoyed it as well. It has been great for my theme units and learning to connect questions with textual evidence. 

Kindergarten Nonfiction Close Reads {20 Weeks Included}

What else? I am excited to try out Emily Ames's Alphabet SmartBoard Bundle! Sure, I could have taken extra time to work on my own, but thank heavens I found this to save me some time! I love my SMART board, so this is right up my alley. 

Alphabet -- SMARTBoard Activities BUNDLE (Letters, Smart Board)

I know I am new to the TpT game, and building my store is going to be a slow and steady race, but I love learning from established sellers such as these. If by chance you want to hop on over to my store and check out the products I have posted, here is the link! If you grab something, please leave me some feedback! I'd love to hear from you! 

Let me know what you have in your cart!! What are some amazing buys you have snagged in hopes of taking your classroom and instruction to the next level? Comment Below or connect with me on social media! 


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