Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Teacher Steals!

So, I'm not trying to break the bank on my personal budget towards my classroom, but man is it hard to resist! Here are a few of my summer finds to use in my classroom. (Warning, I am not being paid by any of these stores to write about these finds. However, if they choose to do so, HEY, I obviously need to recoup my teacher spending!)  

Let's start with Target. 
Target, Target, Target! 

Your "Dollar Spot" should just be called the "Target Teacher Zone" because we know who you are marketing! Let me tell y'all, they have put out some super cute things in their $1 and $3 bins. Pegboards, bins and baskets, bulletin board sets, wall decals, and more.  My new calendar set is my FAVORITE, but I can't remember if it is $1 or $3. It was well spent regardless because it has really vibrant colors and fun graphics. 

I know, right!? Colors galore and Pintrest worthy finds! I was at a Super Target, so you may have to check around if smaller Targets have less of a supply. 

What about my other favorites? That's right, HOBBY LOBBY, DOLLAR TREE, and AMAZON!

You can always find your staple items at the Dollar Tree. I think teachers probably keep that place in business anyways. Every time I go to one of my Kindergarten math workshops, we share our Dollar Tree finds and how we are using them in our classroom! Also, check out those cute little test tubes with holders! They'll be great in my science center, and since they were only a dollar, it won't be a problem if they get a little extra loved! 

I really made a Summer Steal at Hobby Lobby. The bright pink and yellow card stock was clearanced to $2.15! Don't forget to always look online for the 40% off coupon to help on any big item - I know some of my friends have used their Teepees in their reading areas. My Amazon finds were scented markers (Mr. Sketch) and Paper Mate Flair Pens. 

Although I like hitting up all these great spots, nothing beats the experience I have at my local teacher store! I will be making my need list for there soon. 

I'm sure you all can relate. We "have the summer off," but do we ever "turn it off?" No. Our teacher brains are always running at full speed, and we spend way more time (and money!) in our classrooms during the summer than most would think. I'd love to see your Summer Teacher Steals, let me know what deals you find! 

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