Sunday, August 14, 2016

Be a Tigger - NOT an Eeyore: My Back to School Advice

Be a Tigger, NOT an Eeyore.

That my friends is the BEST advice I ever got from a college professor to us soon-to-graduate teacher interns. She even gave out these tiny plastic Tiggers at our Intern Orientation to drive home the piece of advice, and it truly has made its mark on me. This little Tigger has since stuck with me and has sat on top of my computer over the years. He is my constant reminder of what I need to be as a teacher. As oh so elementary as that is, it's absolutely true. Be a Tigger, NOT an Eeyore!

We need to be a Tigger in our classrooms. One that sees the silver lining in every circumstance. A Tigger that giggles with delight and bounces with enthusiasm each day. We need to love the hard to love students. Smile when we feel overwhelmed. Show kindness and joy to our students even on the tough days. Although Eeyore is as cute as can be, let's try to take a tip from Tigger and bounce on the positive side as much as possible this year!

Be the Tigger on your teaching team! Help those around you be a tigger too. They may be having an Eeyore moment and just need a little "Tiggerization!" If you don't know what that means take a look at the video clip below. Then think about how you can Tiggerize your teammates. I don't recommend literally painting them with stripes, but attitude is contagious y'all. Both bad and good attitudes can spread like wildfire. I am guilty of having an Eeyore attitude from time to time when school things aren't going as I would like them to, but I am making a conscious effort to be positive and encouraging to my teacher teammates this year!

Lastly, THANK God for the Tigger moments and PRAY through your Eeyore ones. He will give you everything you need to bounce through your classroom door each morning and the strength to withstand the rainy days. Not only am I committing to being more of a  Tigger this year, but I am also committing to praying more during this school year. I have 26 (maybe more) kinders headed my way, and I know I need His guidance and strength to give them all I've got. I've shared how I have been so blessed by the Christian Teachers facebook group, and now I am excited to start the Prayer Journal that Bonnie and Meghan have created. I want to grow closer to Him this school year. I have a tendency to push away as I get overwhelmed with teaching, juggling my home life, church commitments, and all, but I know He wants to draw nearer to me especially when my life is hard and to-dos are mounting.

If you feel led and want to take a look at the prayer journal, you can download it for FREE, or you can order one like mine HERE.. Many Thanks to Bonnie and Meghan for their hard work putting it together for His glory!

My hopes for the school year? In the words of Tigger, IT'S GONNA BE GREAAAAT!!!!

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