Sunday, June 19, 2016

Meet the Teacher Brochures - QR Code Tutorial


So I've uploaded a new product to Teachers Pay Teachers! I hope you will love and utilize these Meet the Teacher Brochures that you can edit for your grade level/classroom and print in either color or black and white. I have included PreK - 6th grade and a blank one for complete personalization!

When folded, these brochures have a contact info section on the back. I think QR codes with contact information are very impressive to parents, so I choose to not only type out my contact details but also add a QR code so parents can easily scan and save contact information into their smart phones/devices. Many teachers tell me they do not know how to create one, so I want to show you a little video tutorial to help you out here. Not only can you insert your QR to this product, but maybe this tutorial will also help you know how to create and use QR codes more in your classroom. They aren't as tech scary as you think if you aren't the most savvy computer person! Watch and see how simple you can create one to insert into these brochures! The video doesn't have volume, just pay attention to my screen clicks and steps! 

Let me know what you think or if you have any trouble or questions! 
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